Monday, January 17, 2011

Being Stalked

I know the title sounds morbid and really scary but let me tell you a bit about this kind of stalking.
We are the Stalkers. We stalk a studio by promoting them and advertizing them to help them achieve sales. We alternate between a member studio and a random studio. I love being able to help others this way.

This morning however I discovered that I'm being stalked by my own guild. I'm blushing and honored to be stalked by such a great group of artisans.
If you would like to see the antics of our guild you can find us here: Stalkers Blog
or if you would like to join us you can find us here at the Stalkers Guild Hall

Thank you all for the work you have put in to the Stalkers Guild and in your stalking. You're an awesome group of talented artisans and I'm proud to call myself a Stalker.

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