Monday, January 26, 2009

Saga of the carpet layers

So after a crazy morning of exams with my oldest son the afternoon has arrived. The carpet layers are here!! Yeah!! I will finally be rid of the echoing cavern we call a basement. Beautiful ocean blue. My hubby is a green person normally but I think he is slowly being converted to more oceanic colors. We tried last year to move out East (where I am from originally) but alas our home would not sell. So now we are making this one work for us again. I will post a picture when the furniture which now adorns my ever cluttered front room gets moved to the new family room in the basement. Ahhhhhh space glorious space.
I finally got a couple of listings up in Etsy. Not my favorite pieces but they were the ones which photographed the best. I hope to have a few quiet moments to add my favorite pieces later tonight. I'm still really nervous. I love to make jewelery. I really would like my hobby to be abe to pay for itself. It doesn't need to make money just pay for itself. I'm kinda nervous that what I think is beautiful will be stomped on by the public at large. Each piece is a part of an artists soul, a baby of their psyche. It has taken me a month to even te my Mom about my plans. I tried this once before with my candles and I was squished by a friend. It was harsh and so contrary to what I had been hearing from others about the quality and marketability of my work. I will work on my self confidence ...... I will work on my self confidence.

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