Friday, October 16, 2009

Often luking in shadows, behind closed doors, and in mysterious twitter posts dwells a STALKER. They are mysterious, magical, and myth???? Nope. They are a great bunch of Artfire Artisans devoted to choosing a "VICTIM" studio and plurking, tweeting, facebooking, myspacing, blogging another artisan's shop contents.

This week it is time to stalk the stalkers. Browse through our stores for the following picture :

Participating Studios
TAK Unique Jewelry Designs
Grah-Toe Studio

The Chain Maille Lady
Jewelled Trellis
She’s Batty Designs
Meant 2B Cherished
Rose Works Jewelry
Il Mare
Unique Garden Essences
Bad Ink Clothing
Huckleberry Arts
Glasstastic Treasures
Jennuine Candles
essensu holistic skincare
Cutthroat Designs
The Copper Cauldron

To see the details on what fantastic prizes you can win by stalking the stalkers check out our Guild blog here:
Happy Stalking!

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